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Our shelter

A safe place where children are protected against any form of violence. The children get regular meals including all needed nutrients for a proper growth and development. Furthermore they receive medical care such as regular check-ups and treatment.

Jipe Moyo provides an environment where they have the freedom of just being a child again. They play, laugh, sing, draw, do sports and dance together, but also get the chance to just rest and refresh themselves. Furthermore we try to bring variety into the daily life of the children, by organizing special events like talent shows or football matches.

The children form a strong community full of acceptance and solidarity. They are not alone anymore, but feel like being a loved part of a family, where they reach out to each other in friendship. Through organizing their daily life as a team and looking after one another they grow together and get empowered to protect themselves.

By establishing clear rules, we teach the children a responsible way of living. They get educated in their rights but also in their duty of contributing to the community. Through forming a parliament consisting of a president and different ministers they learn leadership, the idea of democracy and facing challenges together.

We focus on an access to education because we think gaining knowledge is the most important step towards a better future. Through carrying out regular school visits, we ensure that each child is actively engaging in school and that they are receiving the assistance they need to succeed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile staying at the shelter all children receive individual as well as group counselling. They learn a respectful interaction and get empowered to solve problems in a peaceful way. The children are free to express themselves, their challenges and their needs at any time. We assist them in recovering and rebuilding a sense for their dignity.

As Jipe Moyo is serving as a temporary home for vulnerable children our aim is to reintegrate them into their families and into society. To check if the circumstances permit this return, we contact the relatives, through working closely together with the local authorities. By doing regular counselling and follow ups we establish a strong connection to the families and ensure that the child is living in a safe environment.