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Vocational training

Some of the girls who come to Jipe Moyo haven’t had the opportunity of attending school before. The result is, that they are too old for the expected educational level. Enrolling them into primary school would be ineffective. Because it is our core value not to give up anyone, we formed a personal adapted support, which is the first step into a self-determined life. Therefore education is the foundation for a development that means a new future perspective.

Jipe Moyo focuses specifically on providing education to girls and assisting them in building a sense for their own dignity and their rights. This access to knowledge is the door to independence and shows them that they can make a living on their own. In that way we prevent them from falling back into old patterns and proves how strong girls are when we offer them the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

What do we do: always offer more than one option

Children Tailoring 4  training Children Tailoring 2

  • Teach tailoring (craft skills)
  • Agricultural work
  • Basics in economical knowledge – entrepreneurship (calculate, selling, etc.)
  • Civics and social studies (life skills)

The girls who attend our vocational training are responsible for parts of the centre. They get taught about the importance of working diligently and carefully.To perform their tasks, it is important to act as a team where everybody is making a contribution for the group benefit.

The change that can be indicated by education is visible. We go hand in hand with the one’s we try to empower. We don’t just see ourselves as teachers but always learn from the communities, inspire each other. It’s up to us as a team to make a difference.