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Training Program

We believe that a lasting change can only come from the community itself. On the way towards a healthy society we are instilling hope and courage to empower people to make a positive difference. The most effective means we can use to achieve independency and gender equality is education. Through providing knowledge we cause people to reflect and encourage them to take new paths together. Collaborating with the communities in the Mara region specifically in the rural areas is the key to our successful training program. We provide an access to education about rights and responsibilities, to all community members. This direct connection enables us to build a network that is a symbol for development. With our educational approach of educating each other, (there) emerged a movement of women and child protection.

Human Rights Training
We hold human rights seminars and workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics, including women and child rights. These training are offered to children, women, parents, local government leaders, tradition and religious leaders. Human rights are conducted to increase awareness and empower individuals to make changes in their community.

Pre-marriage and parenting Training
Jipe Moyo undertakes pre-marriage and a parenting trainings with the aim of creating a better understanding both sides, children as well as their parents. We try to build positive relationships and attitudes towards each other, by showing their responsibilities and accountability within their families. This kind of training is held in order to address Gender Based Violence within the households of our clients. Furthermore we offer marriage courses to married couples and couples who are preparing for their marriage, focusing on marital roles, rights and responsibilities and bringing harmony to their relationship.

English Course
As English is the most important language in our globalized world our centre provides an English course for all ages and all levels of proficiency. Furthermore English is used for all higher stages of education in Tanzania. A highly trained English instructor holds group settings and also offers support to the children who stay at our temporary shelter, with the aim to form a good educational basis.

Computer Course
Our centre provides an information technology training to the children living at the temporary shelter and also to other people who are in need of having a basic overview of the computer technology. We offer an access to knowledge about the major components of a computer system in order to build a good foundation for the demands of today’s job market.