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Outreach Program

Jipe Moyo also helps children who are not staying at our temporary shelter but still live with their families. We provide educational support and enrol them into school. Beside that we seek to identify problems and come up with solutions through offering counselling. Regular meetings and follow ups play an important role in our work and are existential for ensuring positive development.

Children - Outreaching, CRC 1

We see ourselves in an ongoing development and want to keep growing, with the aim of protecting even more children in the Mara region. Through our successful work, that gets more popular in the communities, we raise the awareness on child rights and their universal validity. We are proud to be a part of the movement of child protection and believe that we can inspire others, through being an example of a peaceful and respectful way of treating children. On our way to a life away from vulnerabilities, we appreciate any kind of support and welcome everybody to become part of our dream.