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Income Generating Activities

Jipe Moyo Centre tries to be a financial self-sustaining agency that stands for assuming responsibility for its actions. By using our resources in the most efficient way we achieve a benefit for all of our community members. We take care of what is given to us and make the best out of our environment, not only with the aim of generating income, but also to create a beautiful feel-good atmosphere.


Furthermore Jipe Moyo teaches the children who are staying at the temporary shelter an environmental awareness and the importance of respecting nature, through our own exemplary behavior. Regular and careful work is the key to achieve visible results. Furthermore our children learn the meaning of patience, for instance in taking care of the garden and the different plants that we cultivate.

Once again we show that there is always more than one way.


All our undertaken activities are based on a strong team spirit, which means that every individual is participating in order to achieve a benefit for all of us. It makes us feel proud when we can reap the fruits of our hard work (together).