Child rights clubs

The aim of Jipe Moyo in forming child rights clubs in schools is to raise the awareness on child rights, their universal validity and the importance of their protection. We want to initiate a movement of child protection and increase the range and number of people, especially children, who are involved. In order to achieve a long lasting change, it is important to directly affect and involve pupils and the community in general in the process of development.

Children - Outreaching, CRC 1

Through building child rights clubs in schools, Jipe Moyo Centre is able to react in a more efficient way to the concrete needs, conveyed from children. In having a clear structure inside the clubs we manage to work together with many different schools at the same time, and protect more children. We strengthen the cooperation and empower children to protect themselves. They organize and lead the clubs and form a strong community. The clubs are a shining of how we can build a strong foundation for a peaceful and respectful coexistence.

Children School 1

Jipe Moyo believes that education is the most important step towards a better future. Therefore children participate in child right awareness campaigns. Through being taught about their rights and responsibilities, they gain the ability of standing up for themselves. Once children gained the knowledge they also carry it to the outside and become catalysts of change. In this way, they act as ambassadors of child rights and show the importance of giving children a voice.