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Our Dreams

“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

We believe that it is our responsibility to stand up against inequality, and to fight for a better tomorrow. With that spirit we established a centre that stands for upholding human rights and respecting children and women. We are delightful, that we already managed to protect a lot of children and to spread our values through empowering people.

But still the situation in the Mara region is alarming. The life of children is full of violence and threats. Jipe Moyo Centre serving as a temporary shelter where children can find safety and start a new future is unique in the whole region. For this reason we receive children from all over. It became clear, that there is a huge need of assistance, but a lack of support. Over the past years we grew very fast, and we want to increase our efforts on helping the most vulnerable members of society even more.

But our helping capacities are limited by the lack of financial resources, which is our biggest challenge. Although we are struggling we always keep on moving and never even see the option of giving up. Our dream is to become more popular, on the one hand in the Mara region, but also all over the rest of the world with the aim to raise the awareness on human and child rights.

We warmly welcome everybody to become a part of the realization of our