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Counselling Program

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” – Mother Theresa

Our name ‘Jipe Moyo!’ is meant as an invitation, and also a call to the people, especially in the Mara region, to stand up for their rights, to rebuild their dignity and to fight against harmful traditions.Our entire work is defined by the consciousness that every person is unique. Therefore our support and our help is specially adapted to the background and the circumstances of our clients with the aim to meet their needs in the best way. “A voice for the voiceless”.

The core values of our counselling:

  • From the very beginning of the counselling, we build a trusting atmosphere that is characterized by peace. Our professional counsellors really listen, totally respect the confidence and offer a sincere moral support. We assist in improving the emotional health by giving people the freedom of expression.
  • At our centre, everybody is welcomed and accepted, without giving a feeling of shame or guilt.
  • We won’t give up anybody but help people regardless of their race, sex, creed or community and fight for equality.
  • Working together and forming a strong cooperation to our clients is the key to the counselling relationship. Therefore Jipe Moyo attaches the greatest values to respect and complete confidentiality.
  • Counselling is a strengthening process, which needs patience. The development we seek for together take time. Through regular meetings and follow-ups we ensures to be alongside our clients at any point.

Individual counseling and Group Counseling

Individual counselling and group counselling is available to everybody, who comes to Jipe Moyo Centre seeking for support. Our highly qualified staffs offer confidential advice to people who are facing different, specifically psychological, problems. Counselling is the common thread running through the entire work of Jipe Moyo Centre and forms a part and parcel of our clients lives.


Self Help Group and HIV/AIDS Counselling  

Jipe Moyo Centre provides purposeful individual and group counseling to People Living with HIV or AIDS Jipe Moyo Centre provides purposeful individual and group counselling to people living with HIV or AIDS (PLWHA). Through individual conversations with the counsellor and the peer support, participants are empowered to take control of their lives, seek and maintain effective medical treatment, disclose their status to family and friends, and work through the grieving process. Furthermore our staff completes home visits, when participants are unable to come to the Centre for group or individual counselling.

HIV Aids Counselling

Marriage counseling

Marriage counselling is available to married couples and those preparing to get married. The core value is to establish good communication, harmony in their relationship and a better understanding of their marital commitment and responsibility. Our counselling also makes an (extremely) valuable contribution to promoting child protection and avoiding Gender Based Violence among married couples.