The Jipe Moyo Centre is a child protection and women’s rights organization. It’s work is based on Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2012 of the united republic of Tanzania. We are defending and promoting children’s and women’s rights, the urge to use a children’s and women’s rights-based approach in the definition of operations has increased within the organization. Jipe Moyo Centre is strongly insisting on positive behavioral change to children, women and community members by upholding human rights.  For years now, Jipe Moyo Centre has planned and implemented its programs using a rights based approach.

Children’s and women’s rights-based work starts with both child and women’s rights situation investigation for the purpose of understanding the current situation of child and women’s rights violation. The observations concerning matters that Jipe Moyo Centre can influence are determined by different individuals, institutions and government bodies in meetings, workshop arranged by organization’s different units and the government.

How the logo represents us:

“Jipe Moyo Centre empowers social change.”

We want to spread the idea of a healthy society by upholding human rights (like the seeds of the tree); Affecting our environment (work in a strong cooperation) – don’t stand alone

  • As the tree we want to keep growing (developing – future aims; never stop) and infecting the minds and the behaviour of the people in our society.
  • The tree shows stability (centre), roots – lasting change, working closely together with the communities inspiring by our strength.
  • Tree blooms again and again, promise of something new (better future)
  • Offers safety, security and protection – we are a stable place for people in the region; Chance to rest and refresh (people come together).

Growing from the heart – the power comes from our hearts (respectful treatment, accept every person in his/her own way, dignity)

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama